Sony Ericsson X10 photography video

This year I was approached by Sony Ericsson’s UK agency, Iris Digital. They wanted me to present a video for the web about the Camera on the Xperia X10 handset. The concept was that, as the quality of image you can get from the camera has improved so much from other phone-cameras, you might want a few hints to get your photos really shining.

I was happy to oblige and so went off to London for a very busy day in August to shoot this film. It was a great experience making the video, being on the opposite side of the lens for a change. I had a great time with Pete Nottage, my co-“star”. We got on really well and improvised all our dialogue on the hoof, which was another new challenge!

I think the end product came out great, I don’t look like too much of a berk (which was a concern!), and hopefully the odd person might find it interesting!

Thinking Caps Exhibition

I’ve had a design of mine made up by Jen Harrison, for inclusion in the Bristol Howies Bike Show. The exhibition opened on the 11th of September, but I was off on holiday, so only just got down there today to see it. If you want to see it you’re going to have to get over to the Bristol Howies store by Thursday 30th September. There’s the rest of the Thinking Caps submissions (including my one by my wife!) as well as some other great cycle-related art. I’ve also got a photo in there for good measure!

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Kim and Simon’s wedding

A couple of weeks ago I shot this fantastic wedding down in Hampshire. Kim and Simon know how to party and this certainly carried through to their wedding day!

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The Gold Mine PR shots

Shop Dutty recently announced the launch of their new sister store, ‘The Gold Mine’ - a Vintage Galore Pop-up Superstore. They asked me to take some PR shots at their opening event.

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London Hip Unit site goes live

This is a project that’s been under way for some time now, but has finally emerged blinking into the bright lights of the internet.

The London Hip Unit is a specialist private hip replacement clinic in London’s Marylebone. The founder and main surgeon is Miss Sarah Muirhead-Allwood, one of the word’s leading hip surgeons, who has counted the Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother amongst her clients!

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