Sony Ericsson X10 photography video

This year I was approached by Sony Ericsson’s UK agency, Iris Digital. They wanted me to present a video for the web about the Camera on the Xperia X10 handset. The concept was that, as the quality of image you can get from the camera has improved so much from other phone-cameras, you might want a few hints to get your photos really shining.

I was happy to oblige and so went off to London for a very busy day in August to shoot this film. It was a great experience making the video, being on the opposite side of the lens for a change. I had a great time with Pete Nottage, my co-“star”. We got on really well and improvised all our dialogue on the hoof, which was another new challenge!

I think the end product came out great, I don’t look like too much of a berk (which was a concern!), and hopefully the odd person might find it interesting!

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