Thinking Caps Exhibition

I’ve had a design of mine made up by Jen Harrison, for inclusion in the Bristol Howies Bike Show. The exhibition opened on the 11th of September, but I was off on holiday, so only just got down there today to see it. If you want to see it you’re going to have to get over to the Bristol Howies store by Thursday 30th September. There’s the rest of the Thinking Caps submissions (including my one by my wife!) as well as some other great cycle-related art. I’ve also got a photo in there for good measure!

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My design is based on the poster for Full Metal Jacket. My cap is all about the harsh realities of life on two wheels on the road, specifically punctures. I’ve replaced the band around the helmet with an old inner tube, and the bullets with gas canisters (for a CO2 pump). The CND badge is now an Aerospoke wheel, and there’s a special puncture repair kit tucked in on the other side for good measure!

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